Offering a wide variety of laser services:

Laser Tube cutting of round tube and pipe .125" to 8" diameters up to 11ga SS or .25" CS. Primary limit of 12lbs/foot for all outside diameters.

• Laser Tube Cutting of rectangular from .375" square to 6.0'' square. Primary limit of 12lbs/foot for all outside diameters.

• Laser welding in stainless, carbon steel, titanium, dissimilar and sintered metals.

• Flat cutting, laser machining , serializing and marking in most metals, shim stock, wood, acrylics, fibers and composites.

AltaMAR Laser in Batavia New York operates two Laserdyne Model 780 Systems modified for tube cutting & welding, our third machine is an Altamar Laser & Equipment model 2012 high volume tube system with a 1kw Fiber Laser.

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With specialties in laser tube cutting, 3D cutting and laser fusion welding, AltaMAR has the equipment and experience to process your tubular or 3D parts quickly and accurately.

3D motion capability has the advantage of reduced requirements for tooling and fixturing. Parts can be quickly and easily trimmed or welded at lower cost than conventional methods.


■ Laser tube cutting allows for any shape, contour or intersection as well as features not readily machinable such as hexagonal holes.

■ The ends can be profiled in a number of ways, including copes, compound angle cuts, self fixturing or mortise and tenon.

■ Round, square or rectangular tubes tubes up to 26 feet long.

■ Angle iron and other odd or custom shapes.

■ Miter cutouts or bendable joinery, for bending a square or rectangular tube into framework from 1 piece.

■ Laser processing leaves no burrs to clean up or grind off. Anti spatter measures can be employed for clean interiors.

■ 2000ipm feed rates easily tackle production quantities.


■ Laser fusion welding is ideal for precision assemblies that will not tolerate high heat such as electronic sensors.

■ Orbital welding capability creates a wider weld bead and helps to fill in deviations and accommodate run-out.

■ Butt welding of materials as thin as .005" and penetration depth in Stainless steel up to .090"

■ Hermetic sealing and welding of thin membranes onto thick substrates


Fast turnaround

High Accuracy

Flat and formed parts

3 dimensional part machining

Steel, stainless, aluminum, composites, wood, glass, ceramic & plastics


■ Trimming low to medium volumes

■ Quick turn-around

■ Prototype development





Oil & Gas









"We have been doing business with Dan at AltaMAR for quite some time. It has been nothing but fluid and refreshing..."

Chris Kumpf Schrock Metal Products

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"Altamar Laser has been a valuable supplier to NYM for years. Nothing but excellent service from a company you can rely on for quality parts, on time delivery, and pricing!"

Bo Anselmo, President New York Manufacturing


"We have been doing business close to 10 years with Altamar Laser. Honestly, I wish all our suppliers operated as they do.

They are prompt to reply whether it's a quote, PO update, shipment details, whatever. They shop around to procure materials with the best deal. Lead times are accurate and we have never experienced product non-conformance."

Jan Johnson - Operations Manager, Woodcraft Technologies Inc.

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Wide Capabilities

Interlocking and Self Fixturing

High Accuracy

Laser Welding Titanium

56 Harvester Avenue Batavia, NY 14020


For service and support please contact Dan Martin

Alta Tube Fabrication Inc. Fridley, MN. or 763.586.7906

AltaMAR marked our 15th Anniversary in January of 2019

We installed our 3rd tube system with a 1kw fiber laser,

increasing our capability for aluminum, brass copper and high volume processing